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    1) Respect everyone.

    2) Keep [Global] in English.

    3) Do not abuse bugs, report it to the forums if you found one..

    4) Hacking, Client Editing and using of third party program will be strictly dealt with - Result Permanent BAN.

    5) Scamming will be strictly dealt with - Result Character - IP Ban depending on ADMIN decision.

    6) Spawn killing players is prohibited. Report in forums if you found someone spawn killing players..

    7) Begging for items and zulie is prohibited.

    8) Insults are not allowed towards other players.

    9) Spamming for no reason will result to mute.

    10) Inappropriate/Offensive name will be dealt with.

    11) Do not trade for content in other games. We cannot do anything if you get scammed.

    12) Provoking/encouraging players to break the rules will result in a mute. Multiple offences will result in a more serious punishment.

    13) Content may only be sold and bought with in game currencies. Anyone caught selling items for real money will be permanently banned.

    14) Do NOT give other people your login information. Doing this is giving them the rights to access and use your account. If items or characters have been lost from account sharing we can not offer support in getting them back as by giving that person your login information you have given them the right to do whatever they like with your account.

    15) Selling accounts isn't allowed. We are not responsible if you get scammed.

    16) Play the game fair!

    Do not share your account details with other players. If they get banned we can trace their activity to your account and it may be banned under the assumption that it's theirs. If this happens it's very hard to prove that you really are the account owner and can be very hard to get the account unbanned.

    *Warnings will be given before punishment.
    *Punishment could be a mute or getting banned.
    *Duration will depend on what rule is disobeyed. It increases as the player get reported continuously. For example, 60 minute-mute was given, if the player broke again the rule, he could get more than 60 minutes.
    This list will be updated from time to time.
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