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    What is the maximum level?

    Where can I level up?
    Refer to the guide

    How can I change class?
    Type /class for more information

    When will I be able to get 2nd class?
    Level 100

    Why I can’t see any monsters around me but my health keep decreasing?
    Type /here so you will be able to see them.

    What class is the best in farming?
    Bourgeois, second class of Dealer, because of its passive: Stockpile.

    Is there any drop list? Where can I find it?
    Yes there is, Drops

    What stats do I need to add?
    Refer to the guide

    On what level can I reborn?
    210 and above. 230 is recommended to maximize your stat points. Guide

    Why do I receive less stat points?
    As your reborn increase, amount of stats per max level decreases until it reaches a constant amount per reborn (normally around 5k)

    Why I can’t receive any stat points?

    Why I can’t add more stats in int/dex/str/cha/sen/con?

    How can I know how many reborns I did?
    Look for your name here (make sure you are online in-game): Online

    Is there any reward for a certain amount of reborns?
    Yes, you can request a custom tag once you reach 1000 reborns.

    Why I wasn’t able to get [SIR] tag at 50 reborns?
    Your name is too long. Contact an Admin if you wish to change your name in shorter way with the tag you want ([SIR],[MS],[MISS],[MR]).

    Is there any custom tags?

    I reached 50 reborns and I’m back to my first job. How can I change to 2nd job again?
    Refer to the guide

    Is the scorched undead weapon is the same as golden undead weapon?
    No, it is the same with frozen undead weapon. It just differ in color and exclusive only for those who reached 100 reborn.

    What is the server’s current rate?
    Check website and server status.

    I’m an artisan, why I keep disconnected when learning skill?
    Refer to the guide

    Where can I reset my skills?
    Log in at website and go to the control panel, delete all skills then select your character name.

    Will my unique skills get affected when I reset my skill?

    How can I reset my stats?
    Stat change is now available at the Player Control Panel for 10B (10 billion) Zulie.

    What are the valor, honor, and premium points for?
    To be able some stuffs from go 5. Find the npc with the tag. Ex. [Valor Armor][Honor Armor][Premium Shop], etc.

    What is the best armor and weapon in game?
    Mighty set and Golden Ancient weapons from IM Website. Tradeable so you can also buy it from players.

    How can I buy forgotten sets and golden undead weapons?
    Using dPoints (donation Points). Can be obtained through donation.

    Is there any good craftable weapon and armor?
    Yes, Deluxe and Sacred sets and Frozen Undead weapons.

    I want to craft frozen undead weapons, where can I get undead weapons?
    At /go 50 Lions Plains dropped by Fearsome Terrasaurus King.

    How can I donate?
    Donation Procedure

    Where can I buy costumes?
    In-game item mall (alt+b) using IM Points (1 hour = 1 point).

    What can drills socket?
    Armor, weapon, and accessories.

    How can I socket other parts?
    Type /socket for information. Note: 20 IM points per socket

    How can I remove my gem from the item?
    Use /socket for information. Note: 20 IM points per socket, and the grade of the gem will not change when socketed

    How can I refine my item?
    Talk to NPC, either [Smith] or [Weapon] NPCs.

    Does item breaks up when refining?
    No, there is no chance of breaking up an item during a refine attempt. It is just success or fail.

    Where can I find catalyst?
    Search for powders and lisents where it drops in the Drop Guide

    Where can I get cart skill?
    You can buy it at /go 5, NPC Mildun.

    How can I make a clan?
    Ask a GM to teleport you (requires you to have 150 reborns and above). Players with poor behavior won’t be able to have one.

    How can I get IM Points?
    Every hour, you will receive 1 point. You can also use your zulie, type /buymallpoints for more information.

    My item disappeared even I didn’t trade nor sell it. What happened?
    The item ran out of durability, it reaches 0 and destroyed.

    Where can I repair my items?
    From any NPC with [Smith] tag.

    [ADMIN] = Administrator
    [DEV] = Developer
    [GM] = Game Master
    [GG] = Game Guardian
    [EM] = Event Manager

    *This thread will be updated from time to time
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