Dear Members:

-First of all thank you for continuing to support Alega Rose Online-

Please Note: Donations are "Support for the Server". Alega Rose Online is not pushing anyone to donate.

And to all Members who are willing to donate, We thank you for the support for us and will continue to make our server Fun and more exciting.

In return, Alega Rose Online is giving Donation Points for those who are donating as a sign of our "Thanks".
Besides Donation Points, you will get the Donator Rank on our forums which gives you exclusive perks:

- Colored username (Orange)
- A Donator section especially for our donors
- Option to edit your own (custom) title
- Bypass flood check (Abusing this will remove your Donor rank)
- Bypass spam check (Abusing this will remove your Donor rank)
- VIP Players also receive VIP Reborn Unequip (when you /reborn your items won't unequip).

Chatbox perks:
- Option to choose any text color you want
- Bypass flood time
- Edit/Delete own shout messages

Donation Points (dPoints) Rates

1$ USD is equals to 400 800 Donation Points.
10$ is equals to 5,000 10,000 Donation Points
50$ is equals to 30,000 60,000 Donation Points
100$ is equals to 60,000 120,000 Donation Points

Those donation points can be used purchase Cool Items Available in our Item *Mall in our Website

[D]Tag for 1$ to 49$
[VIP]Tag & VIP Reborn Unequip! for 50$ and Up

Donation Procedure:


Note: You can also purchase a pre-paid VISA card and use that for PayPal.

After you successfully Deposited your donation please PM Click here to PM ToYz here in "Forum (Only) the below requirements:

1. Scanned or Photo of Your Deposit Slip (If Western Union. IF using PayPal no need for picture)
2. Amount Donated
3. Your Account (Username)
4. Your IGN (Character name):
5. Email address used (If Paypal)
5. Include the word DONATION in the title of the PM!!

Note: Donations are refundable if:

1. Permanent server shutdown 2 weeks of donations. (which is not gonna happen :P)
2. Donation points are not received within 5*business*days.

Note: Donations are not refundable if:

1. Player is caught cheating or abusing the system.
2. Breaking Alega Rose Rules.
3. Being rude to staff members after receiving warnings.
4. Banned by an [ADMIN]

You are donating to help the server grow It is very expensive to run a server and we use donations to subsidize the up-keep cost of the host.
Of course you are given fair rewards to help you enjoy the game more and unlock exclusive content not available to anyone else.

Again Thank you for the support and please continue on supporting Alega Rose Online

Don't Forget to Vote~ More Power To Us!

Alega Rose Administration